Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti,Tiger of Balochistan.

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A Salute to the Tiger of Balochistan

By Ahmar Mustikhan 


We Salute you Shaheed-i-Balochistan, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti

You paid back with your blood whatever debts you owed


The Bhambore Hills is drenched in blood, silent, painted red

The Baloch cubs miss the roar of the Tiger of Balochistan


Dr Shazia mourns in London as rapist Captain Hammad dances, Allahu Akbar

Cluster bombs silenced the hero brave, despot Musharraf toasts GHQ


From Islamabad temples of darkness the death call comes, Allahu Akbar

Kill the Tigers of Balochistan they are agents of Hindus, Christians and Jews


Soldiers of darkness who chant the slogan of hate, Allahu Akbar

The battle cry of terror from Jerusalem, New York, Kashmir to Kohlu


Shame on you cowards, Islamist Terror Army of Pakistan;

Soldiers of Islam who believe Kill Jews, Christians, Hindus and Tigers of Balochistan


In the name of God, the Jihadists dream to rule the world, Allahu Akbar

Leave our country now, it belong to the Tigers of Balochistan


Where's my Tigress Indira, where's my Aurora? Butchers of Bengal have shifted base 

The rapist Jihadi soldiers have forgotten the ignonimy of defeat in Dhaka


Not shed in vain, the blood of Bugti is now an ink of history

To cut the chain of slavery, to mark the end of night with dawn of freedomDon't cry my Baloch, the Tiger roared he wants to die with the spurs onLeaving behind tiger cubs, Barhamadagh, Balaach, and thousands more.


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