Baloch National Movement .

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Baloch National Movement of Liberation


Baloch National Movement of Liberation

Waele Khan Bugti

It is a battle which began nearly half a century ago, the very moment when the Punjabies were brought in the Balochistan State. The labour emancipation of the Punjabies was the beginning of an attack of delirium (at the time of British rule they were brought for work over railway tracks). For thereby they were given full citizen rights and superiority to a people which was much more clearly and definitely a race apart than all others, that has always formed and will form a State within the State. That did not happen perhaps at one blow, but it came about as things come about today and always do come about: first a little finger, then a second and a third, and so bit by bit until at last a people that in the eighteenth century still appeared completely alien had won superior citizen rights with ourselves.

And it was precisely the same in the economic sphere. The vast process of the nationalisation of industries and minerals, more's the pity, were not properly dealt with by those whose moral duty it was to concern themselves for welfare of the people. Parallel with this was an outburst 'moneyfication' of the whole of the nation's economic-strength.was in the ascendant, and thus at once the Federation came to control the whole national economy.

The directors of these institutions were, and are without exception, Punjabies. I say 'without exception,' for the few non-Punjabies who had a share in them are in the last resort nothing but screens, shop-window Balochs, whom one needs in order, for the sake of the masses, to keep up the appearance that these institutions were after all founded as a natural outcome of the needs and the economic life of all peoples alike, and were not, as was the fact, institutions which correspond only with the essential characteristics of the Punjabi people and are the outcome of those characteristics.

Punjabies found their control over country in the name of democracy (they became obvious majority after sepration of Bangladesh).Through the press propaganda, through the use of the organs of information, it was possible in Punjab to found the great model parties. Already in those early days they saw to it shrewdly that here were always two or three groups apparently hostile to each other, but in fact all hanging on a gold thread, the whole designed to take account of a human characteristic - that the longer a man possesses an object, the more readily he grows tired of it. He craves something new: therefore one needs two parties. The one is in office, the other in opposition. When the one has played itself out, then the opposition party comes into power, and the party which has had its day is now in its turn the opposition. After Five years the new party itself has once more played itself out and the game begins afresh. In truth this is a highly ingenious mill in which the interests of a nation are ground very small. As everyone knows, this system is given some such name as 'Self-Government of a People.'

In consequence of this widespread aversion it was more difficult for the People to spread infection in the political sphere, and especially so since traditionally loyalty was centered in a person: the form of the State became a monarchy, and power did not lie with the people which resulted in unrest . Thus the Punjabi saw that here it was possible for an enlightened despotism to arise based upon the army, and the bureaucracy, once again.

The energy sources of industrielist economy at that time till date are almost exclusively in Baloch Land, big business and the new industries are based upon the natural gas, while the last reservoir of a people's strength strength in Balochistan, the democratic tribal norms, were changed into monarchy. In such conditions , as the industry grows, the resistence of people may get ropable and thus they could easily eliminate it by monarchic forces , but to their misfortune all these forces converted to be "more Baloch " then an " ordinary Baloch".Then there arises the danger that this diverted monarchic estate might ally itself with with the people would be ready and willing to give a mortal blow to those powers of Punjabil supra-State finance. This was not impossible: in the history of Balochs had from time to time found themselves forced, to turn against the invasion and seek popular support.

But this possibility constituted a grave danger for Punjabism. If the great masses of the new opressed youngmen had come into Nationalist hands and had penetrated the whole Baloch nation, The liberation of Balochs owes its glories only to sons of soil. It is entirely alien to the Punjab.The Punjabi people in itself stands against us as our deadly foe and so will stand against us always and for all time.

The master-stroke of the Punjabies was to claim the leadership of the estate: he founded the Movement of the democracy and support of armed & civil beurocracy on paralal.His policy was multifolded: he had his 'apostles' in both camps.At first : In the armed camps he encouraged those features which were most repugnant to the people - the passion for money, unscrupulous methods in trade which were employed so ruthlessly as to give rise to the proverb 'Business, too, marches over corpses.' And the armed forces attacked the people of Balochistan.The result was that in a short time it was precisely the ruling class which became in its character completely estranged from its own people. And this fact gave the Punjabi his opportunity with the polatical parties. Here he played the part of the common demagogue.blesseing in disguise it enabled us to drive away in disgust the whole leadership of the pro-punjabies.So the true Baloch leadership is prepared to make sacrifices, it will do anything for the life of the people, but it cannot believe in the mad view of denial of that national life,or a refusal to defend the rights of one's own people.They support the upraised national resistance to the foreigner,through which it is possible to raise up a people and make it happy.

And the Punjabi`s second instrument was the self defined Islamic theory in and for itself. For directly to eliminate the physical borders of ones land as they started to preach the Islamic brotherhood.One went on to assert that resources as such is theft, deliberatly redefined,( i am using the word redefined because in original defination of a countery they were obviously foreigners to baloch land ) the concept of countery to take advantage of the obvious formula that the natural wealth of a country can and should be common property.Immediately the economic intelligentsia with its nationalist outlook could, here too, no longer co-operate: for this intelligentsia was bound to say to itself that this theory meant the collapse of any civilization in open the ways for invasion whatever . Now ,more and more so to influence the masses that he persuaded those of the Islamic forces that the faults of the Sardars were the faults of the Nationalists, and similarly he made it appear to those of the Nationalists that the faults of the Islamic Forces were simply the faults of the so-called 'Mulla' and neither side noticed that on both sides the faults were the result of a scheme planned by alien devilish agitators. And only so is it possible to explain how this dirty joke of Baloch history could come to be that setteled Punjabies should become the leaders of Balochs. It is a gigantic fraud: world history has seldom seen its like.

And then we must ask ourselves: what are the final aims of this development?

So soon as thousands of men have had it hammered into them that they are so oppressed and enslaved that it matters not what their personal attitude may be to their people, their State, or economic life, then a kind of passive resistance must result, which sooner or later will do fatal damage to the national economy. Through the preaching of the Islamic economic theory the national economy must go to ruin. We see the results in Afghanistan.So the process is furthered through the organization of the 'political strike.' Often there are adequate economic grounds for a strike, but there are always political grounds and plenty of them.

And one can see constantly how wonderfully the Army of Punjab and the Polatical leader of the punjab ,co-operate. They both pursue one common policy and a single aim. Cheif of Army Staff on the one side encourages his association to refuse the Baloch demands and tries to crush them, while his brother Chodhries in the Parliament tries to persuade us that bread is dearer.

How long can this process last? It means the utter destruction not only of economic life, but of the people. It is clear that all these apostles who talk their tongues out of their heads, but who spend the night in the Hotel Bhorban, travel in Airconditioned mercedes , and spend their leave for their health in Europe - these people do not exert their energies for love of the people. No, the people is not to profit, it shall merely be brought into dependence on these men. The backbone of its independence, its own economic life, is to be destroyed, that it may the more surely relapse into the golden fetters of the perpetual interest-slavery of the Punjabi race. And this process will end when suddenly out of the masses someone arises who seizes the leadership, finds other comrades and fans into flame the passions which have been held in check and looses them against the deceivers.

That is the lurking danger, and the Punjabis can meet it in one way only - by destroying the hostile national intelligentsia. That is the inevitable ultimate goal of the Punjabi in his so called "Sab Say Pahlay Pakistan"(the Pakistan first) slogan. And this aim he must pursue; he knows well enough his economics brings no blessing: his is no master people: he is an exploiter: the Punjabis are a people of robbers. He has never founded any civilization, (they may claim the texila harappa civilizations but as a matter of fact these belong to indus vally civilization era not the punjabi civilizations) though he has destroyed civilizations . He possesses nothing of his own creation to which he can point. Everything that he has is stolen. Baloch resources build him his industrial empires, it is Indus water which enables it to produce so called bumper crops (it may be reminded that punjab had already sold out its three rivers ) .urdu speakings who sacrifised and work for him shed their blood for Punjabis so called Pakistan.He knows no 'proper army': he has but only a group of wild people who can only n only kill the poor civilians.Who are ready to go to any wilderness in Balochistan.All that the Punjabi cannot do. And because he cannot do it, therefore all his voices must be 'Sab say pahlay Pakistan.' They must spread as a pestilence spreads. He can build no State and say 'See there, there stands the State, a model for all. Now let we copy it!' He must take care that the plague does not die, that it is not limited to one place, or else in a short time this plague-hearth would burn itself out. So he is forced to bring every mortal thing to so called Pakistan and national intrest expansion. For how long? Until the whole Pakistan sinks in ruins and brings him down with it in the midst of the ruins. so the genocide starts and punjabi started to kill Balochs .

It is a tragic fate:role of the punjabi driven and controled media : if any of Punjabi dies during the money making process in Balochistan they raise a mighty howl over 'the sacrifice of valuable human blood' , and here in the Balochistan six million human beings are being slowly martyred - done to death, some on the scaffold, hundreds of tens by machine guns , tens of thousands through starvation. A whole people is dying, and now we can perhaps understand how it was possible that formerly all the civilizations of Mesopotamia disappeared without a trace so that one can only with difficulty find in the desert sand the remains of these cities. We see how in our own day whole countries die out under this scourge of God, and we see how this scourge is threatening Balochistan, too, and how with us our own people in mad infatuation is contributing to bring upon itself the same yoke, the same misery.

In despair when we considered the situation which left us quite defenseless in face of Punjab which is so hostile to Balochistan ? and is it just Punjabi who is hostile ? we see how over there in Punjab it is not only the the people against us , it is the secret power of the orgnised press which ceaselessly pours new poison in to the hearts of other people as well.Who are then these bandits of the press? Our own brothers and the relatives corrospondents and columnists for their newspapers. And the capital source which provides the energy which here - and there - drives them forward is the Punjabi dream of Entire Supremacy.

Now the time changed we got few but worthy forums to counter the Punjabi media ,The masses of the people in Balochistan are becoming, in the political sphere, completely reborn.Here and there people are beginning to get some practice in criticism. Slowly, cautiously, and yet with a certain accuracy the finger is being placed on the real wound of our people. And thus one comes to realize: if only this development goes on for a time, it might be possible that from Eastren Balochistan the light should come which is destined to light both Eastren and the Western Balochistan to their salvation.

It is said, if one criticizes the state of affairs to which we have been brought today, that one is a terrorist . I ask you what would probably have been the state of Balochistan today if during these years there had been no criticism at all? I believe that in fact there has been far, far too little criticism. our people unfortunately is much too uncritical or otherwise it would long ago have not only seen through many things but would have swept them away with its fist. The crisis getting developed towards its culmination. The day is not far distant when, for the reasons which I have stated, the Baloch Liberation Movement must be carried forward to final step.

Whether for the moment it comes to them under that name or under another, the fact is that everywhere more and more it is making headway. Today all these folk cannot yet belong to a single party, but, wherever you go, in Balochistan, yes almost in the whole Balochistan, you find already thousands of thinking men who know that a State can be built only on a Baloch Nationalist foundation and they know also that the deadly foe of every Baloch National conception is thePunjabi.

Every truly national idea is in the last resort Baloch Nationalist, i.e., he who is prepared so completely to adopt the cause of his people that he really knows no higher ideal than the prosperity of this - his own - people, he who has so taken to heart the meaning of our great song 'Ma chukhoon Balochani' that nothing in this world stands for him higher than this Balochistan, people and land, land and people, he is a Baloch Nationalist! And he who in this people sympathizes with the poorest of its citizens, who in this people sees in every individual a valuable member of the whole nation, and who recognizes that this nation can flourish only when it is formed not of rulers and oppressed but when all according to their capacities fulfill their duty to their motherland and the nation of the people and are valued accordingly, he who seeks to preserve the native vigor, the strength, and the youthful energy of the millions of Balochs, and who above all is concerned that our precious possession, our youth, should not before its time be used up in unhealthy harmful work - He is National in the highest sense of that word.

It is the teaching of these facts which appears to the Punjabis as rulers of the Pakistan today to constitute a threatening danger. And it is precisely this which more than anything else makes the Punjabi wish to get in his blow as soon as possible. For one thing he knows quite well: in the last resort there is only one danger which he has to fear-and that danger is this Liberation Movement.

He knows the pro-punjabi parties. They are easily satisfied. Only endow them with a few seats as ministers or with similar posts and they are ready to go along with you. And in especial he knows one thing: they are so innocently stupid. In their case the truth of the old saying is proved afresh every day: 'Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first strike with blindness.' They have been struck with blindness: therefore it follows that the gods wish to destroy them.Some other parties and their leaders, they are indeed not Pro-punjabies but due to their gentelness,they never go to the roots of the evil,they all still think that with forbearance, with humanity, with accommodation they can fight a battle.Do uthink if they ever succeed.

No! A thousand times No! Here there are only two possibilities: either victory or defeat!

What today is the meaning of these great preparations for the decisive battle on the part of Punjabism?-

To make the nation defenseless in arms and to make the people defenseless in spirit.

Two great aims!

Abroad Baloch is already humiliated. The Nation trembles before every Punjabi -captain, the nation is no longer dangerous. And within Balochistan they have seen to it that arms should be taken away from the decent elements of the people and that in their stead Punjabi and Pro-Punjabi bands should be armed. Only one thing remains still to do: viz., the muzzling of the spirit, above all the arrest of the evil 'agitators' - that is the name they give to those who dare to tell the people the truth. Not only are their organizations to be known to all, but the innocent masses are to be incited against their persons. Just as the Punjabi could once incite the mob of innocent Gawaderies against Balochs and made them to observe strikes and rallies, so today he must succeed in inciting folk who have been duped into madness to attack those who, God's truth! seek to deal with this people in utter honesty and sincerity. And so he begins to intimidate them, and he knows that this pressure in itself is enough to shut the mouths of hundreds, yes, of thousands. For they think, if I only hold my tongue, then I shall be safe in case they come into power. No, my friend. The only difference will be that I may hang perhaps still talking, while you will hang - in silence. Here, too, History can give us countless examples, and with us it will be the same story.

We know that the so-called "Law of 16 MPO " which comes from army camps today is nothing else than a means for reducing all criticism to silence. We know, too, that no effort will be spared so that the last outstanding personalities - those who within Baloch foresee the coming of disaster - shall in good time disappear. And to that end the population of Balochistan will be scourged into opposition to Nationalists every lie and every misrepresentation that comes to hand. Up there they have the feeling that in no corner of spirit of the Baloch people is not yet broken. And that is the point to which we Nationalists have to grapple ourselves. We Nationalists are, God's truth! perhaps the most loyal, the most devoted of all men to our Baloch motherland. For the years we have waged a war, often against death and devil, but always only for our Baloch motherland. We got so far that at the last, as crown of all our labors, we had to land in prisons , or recived the bullets . But in spite of everything there is one thing we would say: We do make a distinction between a Pro-Punjabi Government and the Baloch Motherland. When today here some lousy youth casts in our teeth the charge that we have no loyalty to the development of Motherland, I beg you do not distress yourselves. The Baloch people has sealed its loyalty to theMotherland with its freedom fighters which fought and still fighting for the Motherland.We are convinced, and that in the last resort is our one great faith, that out of this bitterest distress and this utter misery the Baloch sovereignty will rise soon, but not as now, not as the offspring of wretchedness and misery - we shall possess once again a true Balochi concept of freedom and of honor, a real motherland of the whole Baloch people and not an asylum for alien swindlers. There is today constant talk about 'Federalism,' etc. I beg you not to abuse the Baloch cause while at the same time you grovel before the Punjabis, but show yourselves stiff-necked against the folk of Punjab. And if you do that, then you will have on your side in the whole of Balochs , whether they be Sarawanians or men of Jhalawan . Now is the hour to stand stiff-necked and resist to the last!

We Nationalists who for the years have done nothing but faught - abused and insulted by traitors, by some mocked and scorned, by others traduced and slandered - we cannot retreat! For us there is only one path which leads straight ahead. We know that the fight which now is blazing will be a hard struggle. It will not be fought out in a Parliament at Islamabad, it will be fought out through those factors which in their hard reality have ever up to the present time made history.

On one point there should be no doubt: we will not let the Punjabi slit our gullets and not defend ourselves. Today in Islamabad they may already be arranging their festival-dinners with the Pro-Punjabi politicians of Balochistan - that they will never do here. They may today begin to set up the Border Forces , announce the NFC awards,Activate NAB, they may give ISI & MI a free scope, we surrender to such Punjabi forces ? never! We have the conviction, firm as a rock, that, if in this State Baloch youngmen are determined to stand by their 'No' to the very last, the evil specter will collapse into nothingness . For what Balochistan needs today, what Balochistan longs for ardently, is a symbol of power, and strength.

So as I come to the end of my speech I want to ask something of those among you who are young. And for that there is a very special reason. The old parties train their youth in the gift of the gab, we prefer to train them to use their bodily strength parallel to the philosphical studies. For I tell you: the young man who does not find his way to the place where in the last resort the destiny of his people is most truly represented, this time involves in pets (Baloch in region of Jacobabd and Larkana take keen intrest in the pets like Bull races )or sits at home by the fire, he is no Baloch youth! I call upon you! Join our Armed Divisions! And however many insults and slanders you may hear if you do join, you all know that the Armed Divisions have been formed for our protection, for your protection, and at the same time not merely for the protection of the Liberation Movement, but for the protection of a Balochistan that is to be. If you are reviled and insulted, good luck to you, my dear fellows! You have the good fortune already at early thirties of age to be hated by the greatest of scoundrels. What others can win only after a lifetime of toil, this highest gift of distinguishing between the honest man and the brigand, falls as a piece of luck into your lap while you are but youths. You can be assured that the more they revile you, the more we respect you. We know that if you were not there, none of us would write next time. We know, we see clearly that our Movement would be cudgelled down if you did not protect it! You are the defense of a Movement that is called one day to remodel Balochistan in revolutionary fashion from its very foundations in order that there may come to birth what perhaps so many expected our age : a Sovereign Baloch Stat and , so far as in us lies, a Baloch Republic.

Every battle must be fought to the end - better that it come early than late. And he ever stands most securely who from the first goes to the fight with the greatest confidence. And this highest confidence we can carry with us in our hearts. For he who on our side is today the leader of the Baloch people, God's truth! he has nothing to win but perhaps only everything to lose. He who today fights on our side cannot win great laurels, far less can he win great material goods - it is more likely that he will end up in jail. He who today is leader must be an idealist, if only for the reason that he leads those against whom it would seem that everything has conspired.

But in that very fact there lies an inexhaustible source of strength. The conviction that our Movement is not sustained by money or the lust for gold, but only by our love for the people,for motherland, that must ever give us fresh heart, that must ever fill us with courage for the fray.

To sum up, take with you this assurance: if this battle should not come, never would Baloch win sovereignty. Balochistan would decay and at the best would sink to ruin like a rotting corpse. But that is not our destiny. We do not believe that this misfortune which today our God sends over Balochistan has no meaning: it is surely the scourge which should and shall drive us to a new greatness, to a new power and glory, to a Balochistan which for the first time shall fulfill that which in their hearts millions of the best of our fellow countrymen have hoped for through the century, to the Balochistan of the Baloch people!

Balochistan Sawez baat.


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