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  1. Killing of innocent women and children in Mashkay shows the extreme phase of state brutalities: Hyrbyair Marri 

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    London : 

     Baloch patriot leader Hrybyair Marri said, on Thursday, the criminal silence of Pakistani media, so-called civil society and international community on the ongoing military operations in Balochistan is deplorable.

    Mr. Marri said that the Baloch media has been extensively reporting about the state’s preparations for military offensives in several regions of Balochistan including Kohistan Marri, Dera Bugti and Awaran. Now as the upcoming elections are nearing the enemy state is intensifying its atrocities. But it is of grave concern that all these atrocities are happening right before the eyes of everyone but humanitarian organizations, so called free media and every other section of Pakistani society are criminally silent on this grave issue.

    “Those who continuously try to convince us that Pakistani judiciary and media are impartial about Baloch genocide; they should ask themselves, why they do not hear any voice from them [Pakistani media and judiciary] in protest against the state barbarism in Balochistan. No one expressed their anger on the killings of dozens of innocent women and children and the relentless state atrocities in Mashkay from past three day,” Mr Marri said.

    The Baloch leader said, “This once again confirms our belief that Baloch are alone in their fight for their defence and national salvation. There are no sympathisers for Baloch in Pakistan and as long as the Baloch yearn for freedom the state will try to kill them silently and in isolation.” He further said, “We have no complaints against anyone. However, we want to put everything on record so that no one claims in future about the existence of free judiciary and civil society which raises voice for human rights or sympathisers of Baloch in Pakistan.”

    Mr. Marri said that so-called Baloch nationalists [pro-parliament] parties are equally responsible for the criminal acts of Pakistan, because despite the destruction of Baloch houses and state atrocities they are still longing for Pakistani parliament. “We suspect as the elections get closer the pro-parliament Baloch parties will recommend the state to take more severe actions because they want to curtail the Baloch desire for freedom and pave their way to reach to the parliament.”

    Expressing his grave concern on the silence of International powers, human rights organisations and the United Nations Mr Marri said, “If the world community is sincere about peace in region then they should abandon their double standards. They raise their voice against states’ atrocities in every corner of the world but they (world community) have given Pakistan full immunity to carry out genocide of Baloch nation.” He said the aid that Pakistan receives for welfare works, from international community, is being used against the secular and progressive Baloch people but despite that Pakistan is not being held accountable in accordance with international laws.

    Hyrbyair Marri said, “We want to make it clear to the world the Baloch will not step an inch back from their rightful demand of Independence and formation of a secular and democratic Balochistan. A free Balochistan is not only essential for preservation of Baloch nation but it will also guarantee regional peace.”

    “We appeal the international community to take strong notice of Pakistani state atrocities and immediately intervene to support Baloch freedom loving forces in the same fashion as they did in Libya, Syria and several other parts of world,” Mr Marri said.

    The Baloch leader said, “I request from Baloch nation and in particular the pro-liberation parties to understand the gravity of situation and for the safeguard of the future generation bring unity in your ranks.” He said the occupying state under a pre-planned conspiracy is trying to create misunderstanding among freedom movement in an effort to sabotage the liberation struggle. He added, “The enemy can be defeated, forced to withdraw and countered under a clear strategy and unity.”
  2. Balochistan Liberation Charter is document of freedom, resistance is the effective form struggle: Bashir Zaib Baloch 

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    Quetta : 

     The ex-chairman of Baloch Student Organisation (Azad) Comrade Bashir Zaib Baloch said, on Friday, from the circles of BSO, initial political education and in the practical political field the belief that resistance is the most superlative form of Politics kept getting stronger. He said this with reference to current political situation in Balochistan.

    He said, “Leaving BSO and new political affiliation are questions that hold no importance to me because independence struggle in the past phase and even today is based on three parts which are of importance. First phase is preservation of national identity, second is the formation of nation and third is to acquiring freedom itself.”

    He said instead of getting in the debate regarding surface or underground politics for the achievement of this unclouded objective, he believed resistance to be the best form of politics. He further said it is because of the resistance that there has been positive progress in the salvation of Baloch national identity and transformation from tribalism to nationalism, and there has been visible progress towards acquisition of independence.

    “This kind of progress is impossible without a well-structured organisation. In my opinion the credit for this in Baloch society goes to the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA). Due to the practical struggle of those friends involved in resistance, examination of every aspect of the national struggle and to counter occupying state’s policies and conspiracies every Baloch is well-convinced and conscious enough to sacrifice his life for the defence of his motherland,” said Mr Bashir Zaib.

    Talking about Balochistan Liberation Charter Mr Zaib said, “Being a political activist I want to see the Charter of Liberation [Balochistan Liberation Charter] from a political perspective. Sangat Hyrbyair Marri and other friends have put efforts in this and for suggestions presented it to Baloch leaders and intellectuals, which is a positive and political method. This document is for freedom and it is the objective and portfolio of our struggle.

    “One should view it irrespective of status and prejudice. The situation and time demand from all activists to unite on the point of independence. The only durable method for such a unity is to agree on a document. We (Pro-Independence) claim to be revolutionaries therefore the revolution demands equality amongst different sections of Baloch society based on their sacrifices and practical efforts, which means the liberation of Baloch, the independence and victory of Baloch nation and the Baloch state.”

    Commenting on the debates in social media, the former BSO chairman said that with in the ethical space rational debate and reasoning is necessary on every aspect that relates to Baloch and Balochistan. He said shying away from rational debate is tantamount to maintain the status quo and stagnancy in Baloch society. This in itself is counter revolutionary approach. In a revolutionary struggle each layer of everything should be open [for debate]. “It is necessary that in interviews, political debates and writings we should abide by rationality, ideology and firm well, the importance of debate, especially in these circumstances of war, cannot be neglected.”

    He said Pakistani parliamentary elections and complete revolution are two opposite things. Those who are preparing to contest elections are negating their own slogans and are becoming a hurdle in the way of revolutionary forces. “As I earlier said that some are attempting to maintain the status-quo and are scared of revolution and freedom,” Mr Zaib said.

    He said using words like “retired members of BSO” for the activists of BSO was an inappropriate word because they are still actively taking part in Baloch politics. “I request those friends who have left student politics to affiliate with the freedom movement,” Bashir Zaib Baloch said.

    Mr Zaib urged the Baloch diaspora to strengthen the hands of Hyrbyair Marri for diplomatic relations, and those inside Balochistan should support the resistance organisations.

    He said, “The struggle for liberation will get strength with the new blood – the more energetic and resolute friends join the struggle the more we get closer our independence. The countless sacrifices and ceaseless efforts of Baloch activists have almost totally dismantled the institutions of the occupying state. Unnatural state and its false system cannot stand before those who want true freedom.”

    Talking about state’s genocidal policies in Balochistan Mr Zaib said, “Recently in Mashky operation due to indiscriminate bombardment several innocent people including women and children were killed, which is part of Baloch genocide.”

    He said the silence of International powers, human rights organisations and so called Baloch parliamentarians illustrates their silent partnership with the state. “Complaining from enemy and demand is opposite to ideology of freedom. Unity, sincerity, hard-work and sacrifices are the mediums of national salvation,” Beshair Zaib Baloch advised. 
  3. Vice chairman of Baloch National Movement resigns 

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    Quetta : 

     The central vice chairman of BNM (Baloch National Movement), Saeed Yousaf Baloch, has resigned on Wednesday, saying that Party’s policies are unclear on several issues including Balochistan Liberation Charter and holding 13 November as the Baloch National Remembrance Day of martyrs of liberation.

    He said in 2007 after retiring from Baloch Student Organisation, he agreed with the aim & objective of BNM and joined it under leadership of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch. “As a humble worker of the party I fulfilled my responsibilities and during the seventh council session in Malir, Kulachi (old name of Karachi), I was elected as the Senior Joint Secretary. Under the inspiring leadership of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad BNM was becoming a revolutionary and ideal political forum in Baloch masses. However, the state was suffering from psychological defeat because of GM Baloch’s revolutionary determination that is why the heart-breaking incident of Murgaab happened and the pioneer of party and our brave leader was physically separated from us – the murder of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad and his two friends was big setback for the party.”

    Apart from romanticism some friends insisted that after GM Baloch there were no crisis in the Party but the stark reality is crisis engulfed the party after murder of GM Baloch. Asa Zafar was unable to lead the party towards the right direction and on several occasions he went against the constitution of the party. That’s why dedicated workers and cadres have decided to reshuffle the party to make it more organised and active. Hence they decided it was important to hold the eighth (8th) council session of Party.

    Mr Baloch said, “The eighth historical council session was held in Jhao, Balochistan where party activists had worked tirelessly to arrange the three-day session. Different agenda were brought forward during the session including national, regional and international situations, and political and economic policies were also discussed. After the successful eighth council session the Party was handed over the new leadership and I was given a heavy responsibility.”

    He said the National Council of party along with passing other foreign policy matter has passed a resolution to recognise Hyrbyair Marri’s service to Baloch freedom movement abroad and declared him as the collective representative of Baloch freedom struggle on international level. It was apprised that Hyrbyair Marri is living in exile for national cause and he is not just an individual but the representative of national struggle. This decision was publish on media as well. However, later on some friends deliberately and in secrecy have sabotaged this unanimous decision and violated the principles of the national council by deleting this resolution.

    He said some parties affiliated with BNF (Baloch National Front) praised this action of BNM whereas the secretary of information of BNF, Wahab Baloch, informed media about this decision due which a specific lobby has expelled Wahab Baloch from Baloch National Front without holding any formal meetings and decision of the BNF. Along with Wahab’s Baloch Rights Council the Baloch Watan Movement and Baloch Bar Council were also forcefully ousted from Baloch National Front.

    He further said BNF was going through a provisional process which could turn into a single party in future but this process was curtailed and the only national institution for Baloch unity ‘BNF’ was divided. First time the Baloch were trying to work together on a single platform and efforts were being made via this platform to unite all Baloch political parties and armed groups under a Supreme Council. He said it was a hasty decision to expel the allied parties from BNF. The party’s Central Committee was not taken into confidence in this regard. According to Saeed Yousaf Baloch before taking any such decision this issue should have been raised in Central Committee meeting to save the BNF from breaking up.

    Saeed Yousaf Baloch said, “I have informed the Party’s Secretary General about my point of view but my opinion was regarded as interfering in the affairs of Baloch National Front. In the next central community meeting the SG got a resolution passed from Central Committee which barred me from speaking to media about this issue. I was shocked that the CC too colluded with the SG and approved his agenda knowing that fact that it was against the Party’s constitution. As the senior vice chairman I remained silent and the reason for my silence was to avoid further internal division in Party.

    BNM is the party of martyrs including: Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad, Lala Munir, Rasool Bux, Naku Faiz, Razzaq Gul Agha Abid shah, Samad Baloch, Comrade Qayum Baloch and Nasir Kamalan’s ideology and blood has enriched this party. Our several volunteer friends have sacrificed their lives from this party’s platform.”

    He said personally he was against lobbying inside party or dividing the party and considers it a national crime, that he would not consciously be part of any such action which may harm party’s internal unity. “That’s why in my point of view resignation was the final resort because I could no longer perform my work freely under any lobby,” said Mr Baloch.

    He said soon he will decide his future strategy and from a pro-freedom forum he will continue the philosophy and ideology of Shaheed GM Baloch and thousands of other Baloch martyrs, and to fight the case of enforced-disappeared Baloch activists.

    Expressing his view on Balochistan Liberation Charter he said, “After reading the document of Liberation Charter, I have come to the conclusion that it is a plan for the attainment of an independent Baloch state. He said Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri has been representing the Baloch national cause in an effective way from past fifteen years on international level. He said he recognises his [Mr Marri] service and would continue to politically and morally support him on all forums.” he added, “When we feel one’s acts are strengthening Baloch freedom struggle, it is our moral responsibility to directly support such acts.”


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